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Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

After we bought a foreclosure, I knew that we were going to need a little help with the place. The entire upstairs was covered in garbage, and the bathrooms looked like they had never been cleaned. It was discouraging, and I was worried about the place being unsafe for my children. I realized that I couldn't tackle the job on my own, so I started looking into hiring a professional cleaning service. I found a great cleaning company that could come out and begin work right away. They were amazing to work with, and they worked fast. This blog is all about why you should hire a professional cleaning service.

Steps To Take In The Event Of A Plumbing Disaster

27 May 2016
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If you've just experienced a flood of water or sewage pouring into your home, your first reaction is how to stop it from continuing. Locating your main water shut off valve should help stop the incoming flow of water and prevent further water damage. This is generally near your water pump if you have well water or near your water meter inside of your home. Turning the knob clockwise should stop the water from coming in any further. Read More …

2 Reasons To Hire A Professional Cleaning Service When Moving Out Of A Rental Home

13 August 2015
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Moving is stressful for a variety of reasons. You have to find your new place, pack everything up, hire movers or rent a truck, coordinate turning utilities off at the old place and on at the new place, and more. And on top of all of that, you also have to make sure that your rental home or apartment is clean and neat for the landlord. You can cut down on some of this stress by hiring a professional cleaning company to do your move out clean. Read More …