Three Ways Landscape Contractors Handle Trimming Trees In The Middle Of A Lawn

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Three Ways Landscape Contractors Handle Trimming Trees In The Middle Of A Lawn

8 May 2017
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Whether you're having all your trees trimmed or whether you're planning to have a contractor take down a dangerously unstable tree altogether, access can be a problem if the tree can only be reached by going across your lawn. After all, lawns and heavy machinery, such as is used for tree trimming, don't mix very well. Here are three ways that contractors may handle the access problem.

1. Using plywood to protect the grass

This is a fairly common method; the contractor simply buys sheets of a type of plywood heavy enough to support the weight of the vehicles' wheels,then places sheets of it in straight lines (often two parallel lines, one for each set of wheels) across the fragile grass. This is much better than having no grass protection at all, and works pretty well for quick jobs; however, if the plywood is left in place for a few days or more, it will start to kill the grass beneath simply because grass can't go without light for that long.

2. Using plastic mats to protect the grass

Using plastic mats is a newer idea than using plywood, so not all contractors have caught on yet. It's also more of an investment than plywood, since the mats cost more per piece (although they also last much longer). This is probably the best option, though, especially if the job isn't going to be completed within a day or so. In addition to performing better than plywood, they also come in white or clear styles that allow light to access the grass beneath them.

3. Using no grass protection

Some contractors simply face the fact that their machinery is going to damage your property and write it into the contract. Usually they'll factor the price of restoring the lawn into the job price, but of course an unscrupulous contractor who doesn't care about your lawn could simply ignore the damage and leave you to clean it up (which is unlikely to happen, since that would be bad for the contractor's reputation, but it is a possibility, so you should always check with the contractor beforehand to make sure there's a plan for protecting or repairing the lawn).

As you can see, there are several different approaches a contractor can take to this type of issue, and some are better for your lawn and your peace of mind than others. If you don't want to see your lawn torn up even on the assurance of having it restored later,  be sure to talk to each contractor about how they're planning to protect your grass and make sure they're using a system such as plywood or plastic mats before you hire them.

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