Four Reasons Facilities Managers Should Outsource Their Cleaning Requirements

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Four Reasons Facilities Managers Should Outsource Their Cleaning Requirements

26 June 2023
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In the changing field of facilities management, the role of a facilities manager extends beyond basic maintenance and includes a diverse range of responsibilities these days. One vital aspect of this sort of job involves ensuring the cleanliness of a facility or shared commercial building, particularly in the common spaces, such as restrooms and stairwells, for example. All too often facilities managers spend a significant amount of time and resources on keeping such spaces clean due to their reliance on casual cleaners who are paid by the hour. To manage cleaning more effectively, many facilities managers now turn to facility cleaning service providers. Learn why this approach may be advantageous for properties you manage, too.

Know-How and Professional Expertise

The first advantage of outsourcing cleaning jobs to a specialized facility cleaning firm will be their expertise and the availability of high-tech equipment. Professional cleaning companies should bring industry-specific knowledge to the table, such as qualified personnel plus advanced cleaning tools and products. When providing facility cleaning services, they should have what they need to tackle different cleaning scenarios, including carpet stain removal, for example. This professional edge should mean you obtain high cleaning standards, contributing to a healthier and safer environment for everyone who works at the building. After all, professional cleaning companies must adhere to stringent cleaning protocols as a part of their service level agreements so they will need to keep up-to-date with the latest cleaning and disinfection guidelines, for example.

Long-Terms Savings

Secondly, outsourcing can lead to lower levels of expenditure in the long run. While it might seem costlier to hire a facility cleaning company due to the upfront expenditure needed, compared to casually employed cleaners, outsourcing to experts often proves more economical. When you consider how much better the service will be and how the building's furniture and furnishing will be handled, the investment in personnel, equipment, and supplies is often worth it. Besides, using a contractor saves facilities managers time, something that should not be undervalued when weighing up the costs of a cleaning contractor.

Operational Efficiency

By delegating cleaning duties to an external contractor, you will be better placed to focus on your other tasks. When a facility cleaning operator is in situ, facilities managers no longer need to worry about hiring cleaners, dealing with vacations or sickness, training issues, or the inventory management of cleaning products. The appointed cleaning company will take over these responsibilities for you so you can concentrate on jobs like planning refurbishments, reception management, and waste disposal, for example.

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