Residential Power Washing Makes Your Stained Vinyl Fence Look New Again

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Residential Power Washing Makes Your Stained Vinyl Fence Look New Again

1 June 2023
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A white vinyl fence makes your property look bright and fresh. However, if the fence gets dirty and stained, it shows up on the fence quite easily since the fence is white and makes a contrast against dark dirt, rust from sprinkler stains, and green algae.

If you have a long fence, keeping it clean by hand takes a lot of work, but you don't want an ugly fence either. The solution is to hire a residential power washing company to clean your fence for you. Here's what they do.

Choose The Right Power And Cleaning Products

It's important to control the power setting when washing a vinyl fence since the top coating of the fence might be harmed with too much power. A professional power washing service knows just the right amount of power to use for each thing they clean, so you don't have to worry about accidental damage.

In addition, the right type of cleaning products needs to be used for the best results. Your fence might have grass stains, algae, rust, and hard water stains from the sprinklers, black marks from lawn mower wheels, and dirt if there are bare spots in the lawn near the fence. Cleaning products are important since they break up stains and allow the cleaning service to use less pressure to get the fence clean.

Rinse And The Apply Cleaning Solution

The power washing service may start by rinsing the fence with the power stream. This gets rid of debris that's lightly clinging to the fence so the cleaning solution can reach the tough dirt. When the fence is wet, they can switch to applying the cleaning solution with the sprayer. A power washer has a water tank that can be filled with a cleaning solution and sprayed on evenly.

The power washing service may clean a section of the fence at a time so the solution doesn't dry too fast before they can rinse it off as this might leave a residue behind. They may also cover plants if you have any growing near the fence so they stay safe from the power spray and cleaning solution. Once the solution is applied, it's allowed to work for several minutes before it's rinsed off. During the final rinse, the stains should be broken up so they can be washed away.

Remove Tough Spots By Hand If Needed

While a residential power washing company focuses on cleaning fences with their equipment, there may be times when stains require special treatment. If needed, they may apply specific types of stain removers to stains that won't come off easily. They may spray these on by hand and allow them to work before giving them a scrub and then rinsing. If work by hand is needed, they'll use cleaners made for use on vinyl and scrubbers that won't harm the vinyl coating.

Letting a residential power washing company clean your vinyl fence makes the work go fast, and you'll save yourself a lot of labor over trying to clean the fence yourself. Plus, you won't have to worry about the fence being damaged. A vinyl fence that's been power washed looks clean and fresh, so it adds to the appeal of your property.

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