What Factors Influence Professional Office Cleaning Expenditures?

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What Factors Influence Professional Office Cleaning Expenditures?

23 January 2023
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Your commercial premises accommodate different kinds of people at the same time. Employees spend long hours in the office, and customers and visitors stream in and out all day. How you maintain cleanliness in the office will determine if you'll expose people to a healthy and safe environment or a bacterial breeding ground. Thus, it's your responsibility to prioritize sanitation.

Although most responsible managers know that seeking janitorial services can help with this ongoing cleaning task, they are often concerned about the costs. Here are factors that affect janitorial service expenses to help you avoid surprises once you hire a cleaning company.

Office Size

A professional company will first consider the size of the office before sending a quotation. Service providers charge their customers hourly or per square foot. This means that the costs will be proportional to the office size. 

Consider choosing an hourly rate if you operate your business in a small space. The square-foot option will be better for more extensive workspaces. Regardless of your preferred option, remember to ask the professionals for a cost estimate to weigh your options.

Required Services

The cleaning services a company may need will vary depending on numerous factors. Sometimes, companies require janitorial services for deep cleaning, while in other cases, they need day-to-day recurring or one-time cleaning services. 

Deep cleaning is more costly because it's detailed. The professionals will cover every inch of the premises to ensure the entire area is properly disinfected and sanitized. Recurring cleaning is more affordable because the janitorial experts clean regularly. So, pick the services that suit your office needs to know what you're likely to pay. 

Required Cleaning Personnel

There are instances when the janitorial company allows customers to choose the personnel they need for the service. The answer you give will either increase or decrease the costs. Remember, cleaners are paid hourly, so the more personnel you require (depending on your situation), the more you are likely to pay. 

Remember that getting more cleaners can sometimes be beneficial since they will finish their work in less time and avoid disturbing business operations. For instance, they can clean early in the morning or during lunch breaks to avoid disturbances. So, evaluate all options and compare the rates before you assign the work.

Company Rates

Each janitorial service company has unique rates for different cleaning needs. This means that what you pay in one company for the same service will vary. So, before picking a provider, ask for free cost estimates and choose a company that offers quality cleaning services at a reasonable rate. Also, make sure the cleaning package you pick meets your office needs. 

For more info about janitorial services, contact a local company.