House Cleaning Is The Key To Renting Out Your Vacation Home

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House Cleaning Is The Key To Renting Out Your Vacation Home

11 April 2022
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House cleaning for vacation rentals is different from house cleaning for homes that are lived in by one family throughout the year. For one, you may have a tight turnaround time, so you need house cleaning services quickly and reliably. You also need to ensure that the cleaning is thorough so you can make a good impression on your renters.

These are some of the ways a provider can help you with house cleaning for your vacation rental home.


Dust accumulates even when you have a family staying at the home. You don't want a guest to come to the home and set something down on a dusty table. A maid service will come in and remove dust from all surfaces so that the home looks ready to stay in.

Cleaning Windows and Sliding Doors

Glass doors and windows can accumulate fingerprints and stains from dog noses. While a home may still be sanitary with these markings on the glasses, one oversight could demonstrate to guests that the home is not as clean as they would like it to be.

Clean Floors

The floors are among the most important parts of a vacation home to clean. People notice dirty floors, which means that you need a cleaner to come in and not only sweep but also mop. It may also be worth your while to have carpets vacuumed and rugs cleaned.

Clean Bedroom Area and Wash Linens

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of the home to clean. You need to wash the linens and ensure that the pillows are sanitary.

Wipe Down Outdoor Furniture

If your vacation rental has outdoor furniture, including patio chairs and tables, cleaning is crucial. Wiping down the furniture is essential, and it is also important to have somebody available who can make sure the furniture is not damaged after a storm.

Deodorize the Home

Finally, make sure that the home smells decent before the next renters come in. Your cleaners will make sure that the smell of the home is appealing rather than off-putting for new guests.

House Cleaning Helps You Rent Your Vacation Home

If you are concerned about renting out your vacation home, it is crucial that the home is clean. If you own a vacation rental, it is important that you consult with a house cleaner who can make visits between residents so your home is clean for each new guest.

For more information, contact a local company, like Simply Clean and Green.