Reasons To Clean Your Ducts

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Reasons To Clean Your Ducts

18 November 2020
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Sometimes, you want to have your ducts clean because it has been a long time and you are noticing some signs that dust has collected in them. Other times, there will be something that has gone on recently in your home that will prompt the need for you to have your ducts cleaned. It's a good idea to learn when you might want to have the ducts cleaned in this article. 

Your home has been remodeled

When you have had an area of your home remodeled, then there can be a lot of dust from things like tearing down walls and sawing wood that will go through the HVAC system. When such a big job has taken place in the home, the air filter in the system won't be enough to filter out the large number of particles, and this is why you will still get such an accumulation of dust in the ducts. This is why you should plan on making duct cleaning one of the things that needs to be included in the home remodeling process. You also want to wait until the entire remodel is done before the ducts are cleaned so they will stay clean. 

You have had a problem with mold

If you have had a problem with mold in your home, then you want to do everything you can to ensure all the mold spores are out. When there is mold in the house, the spores travel through the air and can end up in the ducts where mold can even end up growing in the ducts if the environment is right for it. This is why you are going to want to be sure that you have someone come out to clean the ducts once you have had mold eradicated from anywhere else in your home. 

Your system has sat for a long time

If there was a reason why your HVAC system went for a good period of time without being used, then there was a lot of time for dust to travel into the ducts. Also, there was a lot of time for pests to go in the ducts and leave their excrement in them, which can cause different types of illnesses. This is why you should make sure that you have your ducts cleaned if you had your HVAC sitting for a long time without being in use.

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