Post Construction Cleaning To Prepare The Location

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Post Construction Cleaning To Prepare The Location

21 August 2020
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Once a construction job is completed, things can look worse before they look better. The last part of preparing a newly constructed site before it can be used for its intended purpose is to post-construction cleaning. There is much more involved in the construction clean up process than you may realize. The information here will help to give you a better idea of what the construction site clean up entails. 

The yard and exterior will need to be cleaned up

Even though a construction-sized dumpster will have been used during the construction of a residence or building, there will likely still be plenty of debris left behind. Construction cleanup will involve picking up all of the trash and debris that never made it in the dumpster or blew out of it. There will also be other debris that may need to be cleaned up, such as stickers off materials such as stickers off of the windows and other areas. The windows will also need to be cleaned because the glass will likely be very dusty and dirty, plus the adhesive from the stickers may need to be scraped off of the glass. 

The flooring will need to be cleaned

After construction is done, the flooring may look horrible, but it will look great once it has been cleaned. There will be a lot of dust to sweep off of the hard flooring and to vacuum up off the carpeting. The hard floors will also need to be mopped and they may even take a good scrubbing to get them looking ready to go after the construction is done. 

The walls and doors will need to be cleaned

You might be surprised by just how dirty the new walls and doors can get with the rest of the construction that is tended to before the site is all the way completed. There can be a lot of things that get bumped into the walls and doors that will leave scuff marks and a lot of dust can also cause the walls and doors to look dirty. Therefore, they will need to be cleaned before the place is considered to be 100% completed, cleaned, and ready to go. 

Glass and surfaces will be cleaned

All of the glass in a new construction location will need to be cleaned and this includes the insides of the windows, the mirrors, and the glass fixtures. Surfaces such as countertops will also need to be cleaned as well. 

Sinks and tubs will need to be cleaned

The sinks and tubs may have stickers that need to be removed and adhesives to clean off. They will also likely be very dusty and need to be cleaned well to get them looking clean and sparkling again.