The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

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The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

18 June 2020
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Which dry cleaning delivery service is right for your needs? Before you select a dry cleaner, take a look at the questions to ask about this convenient cleaning option for your clothes.

What Hours Do You Deliver?

You need a dry cleaning delivery company that delivers around your schedule. If you work early, don't get home until late, or only need weekend deliveries, make sure the cleaner can accommodate your timetable. Even though the company may open the physical location early or close late, ask about potential differences in the delivery hours.

What Is the Delivery Fee?

Does the cleaning service charge an extra fee for delivery? If the company does, ask how much each delivery is. Some dry cleaners charge by the delivery, while others may have a different fee structure based on the number of items, mileage, or complexity of the delivery.

Do the Drivers Accept Tips?

You may want to tip your delivery driver for their time and effort. But does the company permit it? Ask about tipping procedures before your delivery day. This can help you to avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation.

Does the Dry Cleaner Have a Pickup Service?

Do you need the added convenience of a pickup service? Discuss the possibility of a pickup during delivery or a specialized service with the dry cleaner. This eliminates the need for extra trips to the cleaner's brick and mortar location and gives you back more free time.

How Long Have You Served the Community?

Delivery-focused questions aren't the only ones to ask. Before you choose a dry cleaner, learn more about the company's overall experience in the industry. While a brand-new dry cleaner may do superior work, years of experience in one community shows the cleaners' dedication and expertise.

What Types of Items Do You Clean?

Shirts, pants, sweaters, and suits are commonly dry cleaned items. But you may have other types of clothing that require special attention. Whether you have delicate cocktail gowns, beaded tops, or any other similar selection, ask the cleaning company if they can safely handle the job.

What Is the Damage Policy?

While most professional dry cleaning companies are careful with the customer's clothing, damage can happen. Even though you may not want to think about this possibility, make sure the cleaner offers some type of credit or replacement for accidental damage. A comprehensive damage policy can provide you with the peace of mind you need.