Disinfecting For Re-Opening Your Business

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Disinfecting For Re-Opening Your Business

18 May 2020
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It's approaching that time where, across a large swath of the country, businesses that were closed are considering re-opening after the initial rush of COVID-19 cases has died down a bit. It's likely that COVID-19 is a problem that is going to last for quite a while, and you may be considering how to keep your business clean for employees and customers alike.

Larger businesses tend to have in-house janitorial staff, and smaller businesses tend to rely on employees who were hired for other things to also cover cleaning up after themselves. And those systems may have worked for your business so far, but what about now? 

It's worth considering the possibilities of hiring a commercial disinfection service. You might have already been thinking about it but weren't sure if it was the right option for you. Businesses have been hit pretty hard, after all, so can you justify the expense of outsourcing this work? 

Consider the alternatives. You can have your staff (either the janitorial staff or select employees) come in and give everything a good disinfecting. The trouble is that there are specific methods that are needed to combat the viral infection — methods you might have to train your staff on. And you would, naturally, still need to pay them for their time. 

You could go without, of course, banking on the fact that COVID-19 has a relatively short half life, although it might impact the confidence your employees and customers have in you and your business to protect them from an illness that has brought the country to a standstill. 

Outsourcing the disinfection of your business — especially in spas, salons, or other businesses where people might be particularly vulnerable to disease spread — can help consumer confidence as well as employee confidence.

In truth, there are a great deal of people who are not certain about going back to work. They are weighing their options — to go to work and potentially get sick or to stay home and stay safer. The risk of getting the disease is fairly high for everybody, and while there are some predictors for severity, in some cases, perfectly healthy people get severely ill and even die. Making your employees feel safe in their work environment is going to be important to getting everybody back to work. And even if they do come in, if they're not confident you're doing your best to protect them, they may not be their most efficient.

This is a time where a lot of people are very worried about their health — for good reason — so giving people a sign that you and your business are taking that seriously is worth some serious thought. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers commercial disinfection services.