Artificial Turf: Some Maintenance Still Required

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Artificial Turf: Some Maintenance Still Required

5 January 2020
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For a sports stadium, your options include using natural grass and using an artificial turf. One of the most common reasons why sports stadiums choose artificial turfs is that they look almost as good as real grass, but do not cost as much to maintain. However, either option is going to require some cleaning and may also require repairs to be made.

Grass Must Be Kept Alive

With natural grass, you are working with a living organism. As a result, you'll need to worry about whether the grass is healthy. To keep grass healthy, it needs to be fertilized so that it has the nutrients that it needs to thrive. Adding too much fertilizer can cause brown spots to form, especially when your plants are suffering from nitrogen burn. 

When it rains, athletes might need to stay off the turf if a game is coming up. Otherwise, they risk damaging the grass. This isn't as much of a problem with a sports turf since it simply needs to be cleaned so that it looks beautiful. 

Artificial Turf Requires Maintenance

Even though artificial turfs do not require as much effort to maintain, you will still need to maintain them. An artificial turf must be cleaned regularly or it will wear out and will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. You'll need a lawn sweeper or you'll need to hire sports turf cleaning services. 

Artificial grass can look more fake if it is not brushed regularly. Natural grass will stand up, but artificial grass will only continue to stand up if it is brushed regularly. Use a stiff brush with synthetic bristles. Do not use a metal brush because you might damage the grass. If you properly brush a high-quality turf, it will be indistinguishable from natural turf.

Sports turf can become stained if you do not rinse it down regularly. Use mild detergent for dirty spots that do not clean easily simply with water. Also, if an animal urinates on artificial turf, use enzyme cleaners so that the turf does not develop a bad odor. 

Weeds Are Still a Problem

Believe it or not, artificial turf can suffer from weed problems. Some weeds can sprout out among your turf. Therefore, you'll need to use herbicides. The good news is that you don't have to worry about killing artificial grass with a weed killer. If you still feel that your artificial turf doesn't look its best, consider hiring a cleaning service.

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