Are You Making A Plan For Using Your Car Less?

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Are You Making A Plan For Using Your Car Less?

29 September 2019
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Every month when you receive your gasoline bill in the mail, do you just cringe? Maybe the bill has gotten so out of hand that you for sure need to do something about that. Do you already have a plan that will lower your bill? If not, from arranging for dry cleaning pick up to car pooling with your friends, here are some ideas that might help you to save some big bucks on your gasoline bill.

Dry Cleaning Pick Up Services - Think of the times that you've realized your favorite dress or a special pair of slacks are at the dry cleaners. Didn't you rush out to pick up the dress or slacks so you could wear them to a special event? Now, add up the miles to the dry cleaner you use. Do you see how trips back and forth could eat up a major portion of your gasoline. And, that's especially true if you're in such a big hurry that you don't combine things like trips to the grocery store with your dry cleaning pick up

Dry cleaning won't just save money on your gasoline bill, it will also save you a lot of time. And, it's so simple and affordable that you'll wonder why you didn't do it a long time ago. You'll probably be given a large drawstring bag for clothes that need to be cleaned. You don't even need to be home for the pick up. Just leave the bag in a specific place and it will be taken to be cleaned. Then the clothes will be delivered to you on hangers and with plastic coverings to protect them.

If you need special delivery, that can happen, too. You might never meet the driver, but you'll learn to depend on him or her to be consistent in the pick up and delivery of your clothes. 

Arrange For Car Pooling - If you work outside of your home, maybe you are already part of a car pool. However, you can also car pool if you're a stay at home parent. For example, find out which day a friend goes to the grocery store. Take turns driving. The back seat could be used for the groceries for one home while the trunk of the car could be used for the second set of groceries.

Arrange for car pooling for your kids, too. For example, even though they might ride the bus to school, maybe your kids have friends who play sports with them. Work out car pooling with those kid's parents. Soon, you'll find that your gasoline bill is lower, and you'll also find that you are enjoying more free time.