3 Tips To Help With Treating For Mold After Flood Damage To Your Home

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3 Tips To Help With Treating For Mold After Flood Damage To Your Home

8 February 2019
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When your home has been damaged by a flood, there are immediate repairs that are needed, as well problems that can surface later. You want to make sure that your home is protected from damage caused by mold, which is why you may want to have testing done after flood waters subside. Here are some tips to help you deal mold after a flood causes damage to your home:

1. Removal of Damaged Materials and Exposing Areas Where Mold Can Grow

When your home has been damaged by flood waters, some of the materials can easily be cleaned and restored, while other materials will need to be removed. Some of the materials that are too damaged during a flood include drywall, particle board in cabinets, and flooring materials. Sometimes, materials like wood flooring may need to be removed or refinished due to the damage. If you have carpets and rugs, another option to restore them is to hire a carpet cleaning service to do the work.

2. Restoring and Cleaning Furniture, Window Treatments, and Upholstery to Prevent Mold

There are also a lot of personal possessions that can be damaged, and you may want to restore them. Some materials like furniture, upholstery, and window treatments have textile fabrics. To restore these fabrics in your home, you will want to talk with an experienced carpet cleaning service and have them restore the materials while doing other repairs to your home to prevent mold and further damage after repairs have been completed.

3. Cleaning Rugs and Carpets That Can Contain Mold Spores and Other Hazardous Contamination

Rugs and carpets can be some of the most hazardous materials when flooding occurs in your home. This is due to the fact that these materials are absorbent, and contamination or mold spores get inside them and cause problems later. When you are restoring your home after a flood, you will want to make sure that the rugs, carpet, and floor padding are thoroughly cleaned to remove contamination like mold spores and other organisms that can get in your home during a flood.

These are some tips to help with testing for mold after your home has been damaged by flooding. If you need help protecting your home from future mold problems, contact a carpet cleaning service to help with cleaning, carpets, rugs, and upholstery to ensure mold problems do not surface months after repairs have been completed.