5 Ways To Increase The Air Quality Inside Of Your Home

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5 Ways To Increase The Air Quality Inside Of Your Home

30 April 2018
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If you are concerned about the air quality inside of your family's home, then these five suggestions can help you improve it.

1: Replace Your Furnace Filter Every Month

Since all of the air in your home travels through your furnace when you run the heater or air conditioner, you must replace its filter every month. Changing the filter prevents the contaminants that are trapped in it from reentering your home.

2: Have Your Air Duct's Professionally Cleaned

Since dust and dirt will linger in your home's air ducts, you should have them professionally cleaned once each year. By completely removing any trapped dirt and dust from the ducts, you can prevent it from blowing around your home each time your furnace comes on.

3: Institute a "Shoes Off" Policy for Your Home

Every time someone enters your home with their shoes on, they bring in pollen, dirt, and other contaminants into your living environment. Once these particles enter your home, then they will blow around until they are manually cleaned up by you or trapped in your furnace's filter. 

To prevent outdoor contaminants from ever entering your home, institute a "shoes off" policy for your home. Ask guests to remove their shoes before entering your house. This policy will also make your housecleaning tasks easier because you will notice your floors stay cleaner and there is less overall dust in your home. 

4: Limit Your Use of Chemical Cleaners

As you use chemical cleaners in your home, you release toxins into your living environment. Since you are concerned about your indoor air quality, you should limit their use as much as possible. Since you still need to clean your home, try using natural products that only contain natural products, such as bleach, vinegar, and citric acids or oils.

In addition to limiting your cleaning products, you should also avoid using spray air fresheners in your home. While they make your home smell nice, they also contain a lot of chemicals you would prefer to keep out of your house.

5: Install Carbon Monoxide and Radon Detectors in Your Home

Finally, to ensure your home's air doesn't contain unsafe levels of radon gas or carbon monoxide, you should install detectors for each. You can purchase these simple to install and inexpensive gas detectors at your local hardware store. They can typically be found next to the smoke detectors. Installing gas detectors is as simple as putting batteries in them and attaching them to your wall just like a smoke detector.

For more information on air duct cleaning, contact your local HVAC experts.