Your Vacuum's Not Sucking? What To Do To Make It Suck Again

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Your Vacuum's Not Sucking? What To Do To Make It Suck Again

14 July 2017
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If your vacuum cleaner does not have the level of suction that it should have when you are cleaning, there are a few different issues that could be at play, most of which are easy to fix. Here is a quick checklist that you can run through when your vacuum is not sucking the right way:

#1 The Head Height Is Off

The first thing that you need to do is check the head height on your vacuum. The head on your vacuum needs to be set at the appropriate height for the type of floor that you are cleaning. Generally, the longer the carpet, the height the vacuum head height should be set and the shorter or smoother the flooring, the lower the head should be set. The head settings should be clearly marked. You can generally move the head settings by adjusting a lever on the side of the vacuum head. If the head level is off, it may not seem like your vacuum is sucking up dirt how it should be.

#2 The Bag Is Full

More often than not, when your vacuum suddenly doesn't seem to be picking things up like it should be, it is because the bag on your vacuum is full. When the bag is full of debris, there is nowhere for the dirt to go, and it gets left on the floor. If your bag has a meter that shows if the bag is full, check that. If the bag is on the outside of the machine, feel it and see if there is space to move around in there or if it is really solid. If it is pretty solid and full, it needs to be changed. Try to change your bag outside to reduce the amount of dust that is let loose into the environment.

#3 The Hose Is Clogged

If you sucked up something big that you shouldn't have sucked up, the hose on your vacuum may be clogged. It could be clogged with a large object or it could be clogged with a big clump of hair or dirt.

Loosen the hose from your vacuum cleaner and see if you can shake the clog loose. If that doesn't work, gently put a straight object down the hose and push the clog out. Be careful and make sure that you don't puncture the hose itself with whatever you are using to dislodge the clog.

#4 Air Is Leaking

Finally, air may be leaking from your vacuum. Perhaps you changed the bag but didn't put in on again so that it was secure. Or maybe you took off the hose but didn't properly clamp it back on. In either of these situations, just put the bag or the hose back on properly.

There could also be a whole or a rip in a bag or hose. If the above doesn't fix the issue, check for a hole or tear. If you find one, you can temporarily patch it up with duct tape until you purchase the proper vacuum patch to repair the hole or rip so that you can regain the suction you need.

If your vacuum isn't sucking like it should, see if the four solutions above solve your problems. Contact a company like Peerless Building Maintenance for more information and assistance.