Signs You Have Pool Calcium Buildup

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Signs You Have Pool Calcium Buildup

17 March 2017
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Calcium is a mineral found naturally in drinking water, and is normally not even noticed at all. When you have a backyard pool, however, the mineral can build up around the edges or on the inner lining of your pool, giving it a dingy, unattractive appearance. This substance can also affect the pH of your water and cause issues with your filtration system. You can use a special cleaning chemical to wipe away the stubborn debris, although it is best to call a pool contractor to clean and repair any problem areas. Here are signs you have calcium in your pool so you can address the problem right away.

Poor pH balance

The chemicals in your water for your home and pool are what determine whether it is hard or soft. Calcium is largely responsible for this. Know what type of water your area typically has and make sure the pH levels of your pool for calcium match. You should have a minimum of 150 parts per million, but not much higher than 400 ppm, depending on the size of your pool and its location.

Scaling on your pool

Too much calcium can lead to a scaling effect on the edge of your pool. This can result in flaking mineral debris that almost resembles rust or dried toothpaste. These mineral deposits can dry out in the sun and then break off in your pool water, resembling paint chips that leave murky stains in the water's surface. If you notice that you are having a hard time leveling out your pH and see scaling, then too much calcium may be to blame. A pool contractor can remove scaling for you.

Odor or discoloration of water

Just as too much calcium in your pool's water can be damaging, not enough can have its own set of issues as well. Since the pH of your pool is largely controlled by the calcium content it has, too little calcium can leave your pool with an overflow of minerals and bacteria that thrive in a less alkaline environment. This can result in murky, foul-smelling water that builds to an unsavory degree with time. The slime-y oily grime you see on the surface of your pool can be a dead giveaway that a lack of calcium is at fault. Call a pool contractor or technician to come to your home, drain the water if necessary, and re-balance your pool's levels so you can enjoy using the space again.