After a Flu Outbreak, Hire a Residential Cleaner to Focus on These Areas

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After a Flu Outbreak, Hire a Residential Cleaner to Focus on These Areas

14 March 2017
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One of the worst parts about a member of your family getting sick with the flu is that it can easily spread until everyone in the house is ill. When one of your children is sick, your energy may be spent caring for him or her, but not necessarily thinking about curbing the potential spreading of the virus. It's a good idea to turn to your residential cleaning service in this time. Which such professionals are often associated with making the home look better, they can also make it healthier. The flu virus can potentially be active for 24 hours on surfaces throughout your home, so you should call the cleaner within this time frame. Here are some areas on which the cleaner can focus.

Disinfecting All Surfaces

Armed with disinfectant spray and some wipes, your residential cleaner can get to work disinfecting any surfaces that have likely been touched by those with the flu bug. The list of such surfaces can be extensive, especially if the person who is sick is a child, as children often touch lots of things throughout the home. Door knobs, light switches, kitchen appliances, toys, grooming items, furniture, and other items throughout the home can be the focus of this disinfecting mission.

Doing Some Laundry

Clean laundry is always welcome when someone has the flu, so your cleaner can handle some loads of washing and drying during the visit. Many residential cleaning services can take care of your laundry needs, so make sure that your cleaner knows which laundry to focus on. You'll want the cleaner to wash the sick person's bedding, towels, clothing, and any other items that the person may have been in contact with. In some cases, you may even want the cleaner to wash stuffed animals if your children have been sick with the flu.

Other Tasks

You can also have the residential cleaning professional take care of some other assorted duties during his or her visit. If your family has been going through lots of soap and hand sanitizer in an effort to prevent the spread of the flu virus, your cleaner can go through the house and refill each of these bottles. The cleaner can also empty all of the garbage pails throughout the home, as they may be filled with tissues that contain mucus. When you hire your cleaner for this job, make sure to be 100 percent transparent in advance. This will allow the cleaner to pack a dust mask and ensure that he or she has gloves to avoid getting sick while working.

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