Janitorial Equipment Your Commercial Office's Cleaning Crew Should Have Access To

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Janitorial Equipment Your Commercial Office's Cleaning Crew Should Have Access To

2 February 2017
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Making sure that your office is cleaned at least once a week promotes good health among your employees, which will help reduce the number of sick days you're faced with as an employer throughout the year. Here are a few pieces of equipment your cleaning crew should always have access to:

A Rolling Ladder

Rolling ladders come in handy for cleaning things like light fixtures, walls, and artwork. They can also be used for many types of maintenance tasks around the office, so make sure at least one is stocked in the store room for your cleaning crew to utilize anytime they need it. Choose a rolling ladder with perforated steps to minimize slips and falls and a foot-activated lockstep that will help keep it steady while in use. Your ladder should also feature spring-loaded casters that retract when weight is put upon it for optimal user support.

A Multi-Speed Floor Dryer

Storing a portable floor dryer with multiple speeds in your store room will allow the cleaning crew to accelerate drying times after cleaning the floors. The floor dryer you choose should be small and easy to carry so it can be used in tight spaces like bathrooms and inconvenient areas like the basement. If your dryer head can be adjusted, you should be able to use it to dry the walls and even the ceilings if it ever becomes necessary.

Squeegee Sweepers

Make easy work of keeping the floors clean by stocking a couple of sweepers that have squeegees attached to them. Make sure the sweepers are at least a foot in length so they can cover a lot of ground at one time and that they have high-quality block and fill functions to make picking up small pieces of debris efficient. A squeegee should be integrated into the sweeper so the cleaning crew can clean up debris and wipe up spills without having to switch tools.

A Backpack Vacuum

With a lightweight vacuum on their back, any member of your cleaning crew can clean the carpets in half the time they could if they were using a traditional vacuum cleaner. There is no equipment to navigate around furniture and no need to bend over or reach far in order to clean all the nooks and crannies. Look for a backpack vacuum that has a built-in heat sensor so the crew can easily tell when they are putting too much pressure on it. It should also feature adjustable straps that are cushioned to ensure comfort no matter who is wearing it.

Cleaning Caddies

Cleaning caddies are sure to be convenient for those who are responsible for things such as disinfecting surfaces, cleaning toilets, and doing dishes. Keep a variety of sizes on hand to accommodate different types of tasks. One should be handheld for easy transportation of cleaning solutions. One should be in the form of a bag with a strap and multiple accessory pockets that can hold dirty linens from the kitchen and bathroom. And yet another should be on wheels, be big enough to hang a large garbage bag from, and be able to store larger items like brooms and step stools.   

Warning Signs

It is also a good idea to stock a few warning signs for the cleaning crew to make use of if a task they're working on won't be finished by the time employees or customers come into the office on any given business day. Yellow signs that caution passersby about wet floors, wall signs that let people know when wet paint is nearby, and hanging signs that clue people into loose fixtures are just a few examples of warning signs your store room should harbor at all times.

Making sure that your cleaning crew has access to these pieces of equipment will help ensure that they do their jobs effectively, efficiently, and safely. For more information on janitorial equipment and supplies, contact a company like Mailender.