After The Basement Floods: Choosing The Right Restoration Company For Your Needs

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After The Basement Floods: Choosing The Right Restoration Company For Your Needs

8 November 2016
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Dealing with a flooded basement is never fun – there are ruined belongings to get rid of, floorboards and walls to restore, and maybe even furnishings to clean up. Hiring a water restoration company to do most of the legwork for you will help relieve stress and minimize inconvenience. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that you choose the right water restoration company for your needs:  

Schedule a Few In-Home Consultations

It may be tempting to contact prospective water restoration companies on the phone to get quotes for your cleanup project, but if the companies you consider hiring don't see the damage in person they won't be able to give you an accurate estimate. This means that comparing quotes you get over the phone likely won't give you the insight you need to determine which company is going to provide you with the most financial bang for your buck. Having potential water restoration providers come to your home to provide you with a quote will give you an opportunity to ask some personalized questions and get to know each provider's work ethic before deciding who to hire.

Make a List of Pertinent Questions

It's a good idea to take some time and write out a list of questions you think are important to ask when consulting with each prospective water restoration company that you've scheduled a meeting with. Write down any question, big and small, that comes to your mind when you sit down to create the list. There are no wrong questions, and the more you ask, the better you'll get to know each service provider you consider working with. Here are a few questions to consider adding to a list of your own:

  • What kinds of warranties and guarantees are offered for parts and labor?
  • How long is the cleanup project anticipated to last?
  • Are staff members licensed and insured?
  • Where will equipment be stored overnight if the project is expected to last longer than 24 hours?

After creating your list, make several copies so you can use a fresh one to jot down new answers during each consultation.

Take Time to Check out References

After narrowing your prospective service providers down to a couple of candidates after your consultations, it's essential to check out their references. Just because a company says they have a specific amount of experience or a particular number of happy customers under their belt doesn't mean that their references will tell the same story. Simply call each reference the companies you consult with provide you and ask them to give you their honest opinion about the overall quality of the restoration work that was done for them.

These tips and tricks are sure to make it easy for you to find a water restoration company such as Servpro Of Washington County that meets all of your needs and expectations when all is said and done.