3 Natural Solutions To Remove Vomit From Your Carpet

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3 Natural Solutions To Remove Vomit From Your Carpet

1 April 2016
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From a common cold to allergies or the flu, watching your child go through various illnesses can be challenging. However, watching your child suffer with food poisoning or one of the many types of gastrointestinal illnesses can be overwhelming for you, your child, and your home. Considering these gastrointestinal issues cause your child to vomit sporadically, your child may not be able to reach the toilet in time, leading to unhealthy and unappealing accidents on your carpet. Thankfully, efficient removal of the vomit from your carpet will reduce the risk of others in your home becoming sick. In addition, removing the vomit stains is important for the overall look of your flooring. Using this guide, you can remove harmful bacteria and unappealing vomit stains in a natural manner.

Water and Corn Starch

After your child vomits on your carpet or area rug, remain calm and grab some paper towels. Use the paper towels to grab the bulk of your child's vomit off the carpet. Place the bulk in a bag and dispose of it in an outdoor trash can to prevent the odor from filling the home.

In a spray bottle, add the following ingredients:

  • 2 cups of hot water
  • ¼ cup of corn starch

Shake the bottle to mix, making sure the corn starch dissolves into the hot water completely.

Once you remove the bulk of the vomit, spray a generous amount of the corn starch solution onto the affected area of your carpet or rug. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the solution into your carpet, ensuring it soaks into the carpet fibers.

After soaking for a few minutes, use a few paper towels to blot up the excess solution. The corn starch will dissolve away leftover vomit while preventing stains.

Vinegar Solution

You may first think of using bleach to clean vomit stains, since it is an effective option for killing germs. However, chlorinated bleach is too harsh to use around your children and pets. Not only will it irritate your skin and eyes, but it can also affect your breathing, so consider using a safer, non-toxic alternative.

White vinegar contains acidic properties that are naturally antibacterial and antiviral. Using a vinegar solution to remove vomit from your carpet and rugs will not only clean the stain but also kill the illness-causing germs and bacteria.

After removing the bulk of the vomit with paper towels, pour a few tablespoons of white vinegar onto the stain. Allow the vinegar to sit and soak the carpet fibers for 15 to 20 minutes before blotting up the excess with a few clean paper towels.

Water and Baking Soda

Your child's vomit can quickly stain the carpet depending on what they ate prior to becoming sick. Many foods contain dyes that are not easy to remove from carpet, upholstery, or clothing. Due to this possible staining, it is important to remove the vomit immediately. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, so you may not notice the vomit until after it dries. In these situations, you will need to complete the following steps to kill any harmful bacteria and germs while removing the carpet stain:

  1. Use a scraping tool or putty knife to remove the dried vomit from the carpet. Dispose of the waste in a bag and place in an outdoor trash bin.
  2. Combine 2 cups of hot water with ½ cup of baking soda in a spray bottle. Mix by shaking the bottle.
  3. Douse the stain with the baking soda solution and allow it to soak for 20 minutes. Use a sponge to scrub the baking soda and hot water into the carpet fibers.
  4. Blot up any leftover liquid with clean paper towels.
  5. Allow the carpet to dry before vacuuming the area to fluff your carpet fibers back to their original state.

The combination of hot water and baking soda will dissolve away any leftover bulk while absorbing stains from the vomit. In addition, the deodorizing properties of the baking soda will remove odors, preventing the vomit smell from affecting your home.

As a parent, you will most likely watch your child suffer with vomiting from some sort of stomach bug at one point in time. Thankfully, removing the vomit from your carpet and rugs using these natural solutions is a safe, effective option for your home. If you still find that you have stains on your carpet after trying these methods, it may be time to contact a local carpet cleaning company like Southwest Chem-Dry